The Red-Headed Order is LIVE!

by August Wainwright on August 22, 2013

Volume 3 in the Remy Moreau series just went up over at Amazon on Tuesday. I really loved writing this short novella – mostly because we start to get whispers of what will be Remy’s ultimate nemesis.  (What a great word – nemesis).

And for the rest of this week, until Sunday at midnight, I’m going to put ‘A Study The Red-Headed Order by August Wainwrightin Sin’, Volume 1 in the series, on sale for $0.99.

Get Volume 1, ‘A Study in Sin’, here.
Get Volume 2, ‘The St. Mary’s Cipher’, here.
Get Volume 3, ‘The Red-Headed Order’, here.

Here’s a brief description of volume 3 in the series:

Chloe Fischer has a problem. When she’s offered a special job with the Red-Headed Order, she accepts for the extra cash. Now that the job – and the Order – have disappeared, she realizes she needs a lot more than the money.

Remy and Watts continue their tumultuous relationship as they go in search of the truth. But another problem arises – when you go searching for the Devil, you just might find him.


Always love to hear your thoughts, so let me know what you think of the series so far.


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